Plus size Halloween costume ideas 2023

Plus size Halloween costume ideas (2023)

A Halloween party is the perfect time to unleash your inner creativity and transform into the character of your dreams.

But for those seeking plus size Halloween costumes, the search can sometimes feel like navigating a haunted maze. Fear not! Fun Place is here with an array of imaginative plus size Halloween costume ideas, ensuring everyone can enjoy the thrill of the season.

From DIY creations to ready-made ensembles, here’s our top ideas for plus size Halloween costumes for women, no matter your size or style. 

1. Sexy plus size Morticia Halloween costume

plus size morticia addams costume

Our favourite spooky matriarch of the Addams family – Morticia! This showstopping outfit goes up to XL size, and is perfect for a vampy and sultry Halloween look.

2. Rock the roller rink as Barbie

Transform into the iconic Barbie with this colourful roller blade jumpsuit inspired by the movies. Perfect for a night at the roller rink.

3. Get flirty as a French maid

Add a flirty twist to the classic French maid costume with this alluring ensemble, ideal for a playful and seductive Halloween.


4. Embrace the gothic side

Embrace your dark side with this Gothic sleeve shawl, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of mystery.


5. Conjure up midnight magic as a vampire

Become a spellbinding vamp with the Midnight Vamp Costume, casting a magical aura wherever you go.


6. Reign with elegance as an evil madame

Reign with elegance and a hint of wickedness in the Evil Madame Costume, perfect for those who want to add a regal touch to their Halloween.


7. Haunt the altar as a graveyard bride

Evoke hauntingly beautiful vibes as a Graveyard Bride, a perfect choice for a spine-chilling Halloween look.


8. Evoke immortal soul vibes

Channel the vibes of an immortal soul with this vampy black dress costume, blending dark elegance with otherworldly charm. Ideal for those who want to stand out on Halloween night.

Ideas for plus size men’s costumes

If you’re short on time or looking for hassle-free options, consider some of our easy plus size Halloween costumes.

From classic characters to imaginative ensembles, these costume ideas are designed to make every Halloween celebration a memorable one.

Don’t worry if you’ve left it until the last minute to get your Halloween costume – we offer fast delivery and it’s free for orders over €40 in Ireland.

1. Embrace the 80s with sheriff style

Relive the ’80s in style with this Sheriff costume jumpsuit, inspired by the era of neon lights and arcade games. Or alternatively, maintain law and order with this 19th century style Sheriff costume, ensuring a Halloween without chaos.


2. Stage a money heist as a bank robber

Plan the perfect heist with this Bank Robber Jumpsuit and embrace the intrigue of the criminal world.

3. Investigate the unknown as a forensic expert

Dive into crime-solving as a forensic expert with this Bloody Forensic Overall Costume, perfect for thrilling investigations.


4. Chuckle as Chucky

Emulate the infamous Chucky and add a sinister touch to your Halloween night with this Chucky costume for adults.


5. Break out of the norm as an escaped prisoner

Make a daring escape from the ordinary with the Escaped Prisoner Costume, ideal for mischief-makers.


6. Bust ghosts as a Ghostbuster

Join the ranks of paranormal investigators with the Ghostbusters Men’s Costume and take on ghostly encounters.

7. Sail the seven seas as a pirate

Set sail on a swashbuckling journey as a pirate, hunting for treasure and high-seas excitement.


Where can I find plus size tights for Halloween?

If you’re still stuck for an idea on what to wear to your next Halloween party, we recommend dressing in anything that makes you feel comfortable and feel confident. If you love the comfort of your tights or leggings, use this as the basis for your outfit.

For example, our plus size Harley Quinn tights and a simple red skirt can quickly give you an incredible outfit with minimal effort.

DIY plus size costumes ideas

For those who love a DIY challenge, crafting your plus-size costume can be incredibly rewarding.

Always start with whatever you’ve got at home first.

What could you create with a simple white dress? Or could you repurpose that old hat and accessories into a creative outfit?

You can even use different interpretations of characters. For example, the Cinderella fairy godmother outfit is one option, or if you’ve got a red dress, you could opt for the fairy godmother in Shrek with her sparkly dress and quiffed up purple wig.

Want to be one of the Grease pink ladies? Grab a retro pink ladies jacket, black leggings and some cute cat-eye shades and you’ve got a ready-made outfit!

If the Little Mermaid is your favourite movie and you’re set on wearing an Ursula costume this year, check out this amazing plus size Ursula costume DIY video. Note that this costume is also perfect if you’re pregnant, or looking for a maternity Halloween costume.

Think outside the box and use your creativity to construct a one-of-a-kind ensemble. Use accessible materials like cardboard, fabric, and craft supplies to bring your costume vision to life.

Don’t forget to check TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram for expert advice and inspiration! We love this DIY Penelope Fetherington costume.

Happy crafting!

Sexy plus size Halloween costume ideas

 We’re of the opinion that any adult costume idea can be made sexy with the right attitude! After all, it’s not so much about the costume, but more so about the attitude of the costume wearer.

Embrace your confidence and celebrate your curves with sexy plus-size Halloween costume ideas.

Here’s some of our top ideas:

Scream Mask Halloween Costume

Scream Mask Halloween Costume

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White Feather Angel Wings 50x50cm (Foldable)

White Feather Angel Wings 50x50cm (Foldable)

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