Costume Shop Dublin Stephens Green

Dublin’s Original Joke & Costume Shop King Street

We have moved to First Floor St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre.

**UPDATE 2023!!** This year we have more Fun Place Halloween shops then ever in Dublin and in Limerick.

Ireland’s Original Joke, Costume and Halloween Shop located on beside the Gaiety on King Street has moved to 1st Floor St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre (click for Google maps). The beloved haunt that has been enchanting Dubliners and visitors alike for decades has found a new home (and website). Nestled in the heart of Dublin, the iconic Joke Shop embodies the spirit and essence of Fancy Dress, Pride Dress Up, Festival Fancy Dress, Jokes, Office Parties, Stag and Hen party swag and, of course, Halloween like no other. With our rich history and commitment to our customer, Fun Place remains a must-visit destination for those seeking the perfect costume, decorations, or simply a touch of magic during, not only the Halloween shop season, but any other fun occasion in your calendar.

The shop’s story began many years ago, when a passionate joke shop enthusiast decided to create a place where Dubliners and visitors could fully immerse themselves in fun, frolics, fart bags, stink bombs and, of course, the festive atmosphere of the ancient Celtic holiday that is Halloween. Drawing inspiration from Ireland’s rich folklore and traditions, the Joke Shop established itself Ireland’s Original Halloween Shop and a one-stop destination for all things fun!

The Original Joke Shop on King Street has moved to 1st Floor St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre.
The Original Joke and Costume Shop at St. King Street Dublin

Walking through the doors of the shop is like stepping into a different world. Our new interior is adorned with colour and fun. At Halloween, cobwebs, flickering candles, and eerie music, will instantly transport visitors to a realm where witches, ghosts, and pumpkins call the shots – keep an eye out for our Halloween Props – they are AMAZING. The shelves are lined with an impressive array of Halloween costumes, ranging from classic characters like vampires and werewolves to more obscure mythical creatures and iconic horror film villains. We have men’s costumes, women’s costumes and kids costumes as well as all sorts of other costumes 😉

But Ireland’s Original Halloween Shop doesn’t stop at costumes. We offer an extensive selection of decorations, Halloween props, life-sized skeletons, and haunting ornaments. From traditional Irish folklore items to modern pop culture references, there is something for everyone’s taste and imagination.

The Joke Shop King Street Dublin beside the Gaiety Theatre
Our new shop is across the road on the first floor of St. Stephens Green

What truly sets our shop apart is our place in Ireland’s hearts and our commitment to you. Every costume is carefully chosen, ensuring that customers can embody their chosen character with authenticity and style. Our team, well-versed in the lore of Halloween and Halloween costumes, are eager to assist and share their knowledge, making the shopping experience truly immersive and enjoyable. They can help you with face-painting, makeup and we have various tutorials to provide you with Halloween inspiration.

Year after year, Ireland’s Original Halloween Shop continues to captivate the hearts of Halloween enthusiasts of all ages. We are a cherished tradition for families to visit, where memories are made and the magic of Halloween is kept alive. Whether you’re a local seeking the perfect costume or a tourist looking to experience an authentic Irish Halloween, our iconic Fun Place joke and costume shop will transport you to a world of fun and wonder.

Dublins Original Joke Shop King Street
We do balloons too!

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80s Hip Hop Costume, Patterned

80s Hip Hop Costume, Patterned

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Bank Robber Adult Halloween Costume

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