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Halloween Costumes for Couples Inspo

1. Pam & Tommy – 90’s California Rock n’ Roll

Not So Pam & Tommy!
Pam & Tommy Fancy Dress

When dressing as a real person you can spend hours trawling through google images looking for the right one so we at have come up with a few suggestions for some of her iconic looks.

To create that perfect Pamela look you’ll need to start with plenty of fake tan which I’m sure most Irish girls have in their closet!

Baywatch –  Starting at the start of her career Pamela Anderson played CJ in the hit series Baywatch. Based on a California beach there were plenty of beautiful bodies running in slow motion through the sand! 

This Deluxe Baywatch kit along with the Baywatch inflatable float will have you covered. 

Barbwire – In this movie we see Pamela Anderson in action. She wears a catsuit similar to this along with a gun.

Baywatch Costume

Sexy Catsuit Costume
Sexy Catsuit Costume

Tommys iconic look starts with plenty of tattoos, long black hair and a bucket hat.

Teamed with a white tank top, jeans and some chains, Tommy Lee, eat your heart out!

Fake Tattoo Sleeve from Fun Place
Fake Tattoo Sleeve
Black Bucket Hat

2. Barbie & Ken – another classic but this time from mattel

Barbie Costumes at
Barbie Costume

Barbie and Ken Costume
Barbie and Ken Costume

Barbie and Ken’s popularity has been bubbling upwards ever since we heard the movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling was being shot in LA.

For Barbie, you can choose from any of our 80’s gear for example something like this

And for Ken we have these awesome 80’s shirts. Team shirt with a pair of shorts & loafer shoes for that 80’s preppy look.

If going out in your debs dress or tux is more your style, check out these fab Barbie and Ken kits.

Mens 80s Fancy Dress
Mens 80s Fancy Dress Shirt
80s Workout Costume

3. Mime clowns – we can’t hear you!

Mens Mime Costumes at
Mens Mime Outfits
Womens Mime Costumes at
Womens Mime Outfits

Are you looking for a costume that speaks volumes?

You’ll be lost for words when you see these ones (sorry, couldn’t help it!)

Tell a story of French romance or spend the night acting the clown.

The great thing about these costumes is that they come with the costume and face paint. 

One Mime face paint tutorial later and you’re ready to go!

4. The Shining Twins – Bloody hell!

From the classic movie The Shining comes these terrifyingly creepy bloody twins. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll never forget the image of the twins asking Danny to ‘Come Play’! 

If you both love a horror look at Halloween this is the costume for you! 

Create your own REDRUM look with a blue dress, fake blood and dark wig!

Women's Dark Wig
Woman’s Dark Wig
Fake Blood Fun Place Dublin
Fake Blood

5. Surgeon & Botched patient – like OMG WTF!?

Surgeons Costume
Surgeons Costume & Fancy Dress
Botched Patient Costume
Botched Patient Costume

We’ve all had it up to here with programmes like Botched and the Kardashians who have normalised cosmetic surgery so how about making a dig at it by going as a Plastic surgeon with his Botched Cosmetic Surgery result.

One wearing a surgeon costume and the other as the botched case study! Why not add some blood and a syringe for the craic!

6. Stranger Things – Jim Hopper, Eleven, Steve, Robin, Will, Eddie – Hellfire Forever!

The great thing about Stranger Things is that you can choose from a number of characters. Check out this 80’s Sheriff costume that Jim Hopper would wear, pair it with a stick on moustache and you’re sorted. For Eleven we have this shirt, Wig & Braces. We also have Steve & Robin’s iconic ‘Scoops Ahoy’ costumes including a mullet for Steve! If you’re planning a DIY costume we have wigs for both Will and Eddie.

Mens Sheriff Costume & Fancy Dress
Ms Ice Cream Sailor Costume & Fancy Dress
Will Wig
Will Wig
Eddie Wig
Eddie Wig

Now that you’ve been given a few awesome ideas, grab your BFF and get cracking!

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