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Which witch are you?

Ah the classic Witch! We know she’s been around forever but isn’t that what makes her so great? Growing up in the 80’s there was no shortage of black bag witches at Halloween! Every person wore a black bag with pride and went out trick or treating for apples and nuts.

But nowadays Witches have stepped up their game! From the traditional Wizard of Oz wicked witch to the classic Hocus Pocus Sanderson Witch to pagan witches, satanic witches, gothic witches and even sexy witches! 

They have not lost their magic and we can see that Witches will be making a huge comeback for Halloween 2022. But the question is…

Are you as Wicked Witch?

Always seen yourself as a bit of a Wicked Witch from the North? Flying around on your broom with your pointy hat, large nose, green hue & monkey friends? Well you my friend are a Wicked Witch! 

It’s all about the make up with this witch so you can decide how far you want to go with face paint and prosthetics. 

We love the idea of creating a gnarly witches nose so you could either apply a prosthetic nose using a large witch nose prosthetic with some spirit gum or use this Kryolan nose putty to add some bumps on the bridge of your nose or create length at the end. If using the nose putty always use a sealer like this Kryolan Sealer to seal the putty before applying make up or face paint. 

To create that green contoured face we would start with working off a few different shades of greens and yellows. This Cameleon Witch palette will work perfectly for you:

Witch palette
Nose putty

What about a Hocus Pocus Witch?

Do you love to get in character when you dress up? Are you always up for a laugh? If you think of yourself as a comedy Witch, Well fancy that! 

You are a Hocus Pocus Witch!

2022 sees Hocus Pocus back on the big screens this Sep 30th. It’s been 30 years since the first movie was released and it is still one of our favourites!

Depending on which Sanderson sister you choose to be, we would recommend either the heart wig, the Medieval queen wig or the 60’s beehive wig to start along with one of these medieval maid dresses in green or wine. Accessorise with a little bit of creativity and Hocus Pocus here we come!

60s beehive wig
Medieval queen wig
Heart wig

Maybe you’re a Pagan Witch!

Do you worship the elements and nature? Is it all coming from a good place with maybe the odd sacrifice thrown in? Can you sometimes go to the dark side? 

Yep, you are a Pagan Witch!

We’re thinking wicker man or Yellow Jackets darkness and we are here for it! From feather headpieces to animal heads to hooded capes to fur stoles and everything in between. Accessorising is the key to this look so get creative!

Or the worst of the lot: A Satanic Witch

Do you have the urge to summon up evil? Are you a devil worshiping, animal sacrificing, spell casting, havoc causing Witch with a glint of excitement in your eye? No doubt about it, you’re a Satanic Witch!

We have just the dress for all you satanic witches out there! This beautiful blood red dress has a ouija board print over the arms and chest in sheer fabric, the dress comes with the hat and belt.. 

These harnesses and collars from Cyberdog will bring out your inner satanic witch all year round!Or take a look at these Satanic Tattoo Transfers  A great starting point in creating your satanic Witch look!

Satanic tattoos
Pentagram collar

Getting your groove on with Gothic Witch?

Has black always been your favourite colour? Do you tend to venture out only at night time? Does daylight offend you? Trust us, you are a Gothic Witch!

From gothic shawls, Wigs, Capes, Collars, Harnesses and tattoos to all the makeup you need to become a Gothic Witch. There is no end to how dark you can go and we have it all to help you on your way! Check out our Immortal Soul dress which is a great base for any gothic witch.

Feather lashes
Gothic Baroque wig
Extra long wig

Or maybe you’re more of a Sexy Witch!

Do you want to look good even when you’re bad? Does getting dressed up mean putting on the smallest of clothing so you can show off that body? 

It’s pretty obvious that you are a Sexy Witch!

There will always be a sexy character at Halloween… and why not! If you’re the type that wants to show off your best assets, we say ‘GO FOR IT!’

This look starts with a LBD (Little Black Dress!) which every girl has in her closet. From there you need to accessorise. From Wigs to Harnesses and stockings to tutus you can flip that witch from horrid to sexy in no time. 

Curly wispy bang wig
Nylon thigh highs with a bow

So have you decided which witchy look you’re going for?

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