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Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Do you want to attend your next party or create your next Halloween costume as the unpredictable, energetic, menacing character of Harley Quinn?

You don’t need to visit a makeup artist – at FunPlace..ie we have got you covered with our Harley Quinn makeup tutorial.

Harley Quinn makeup tutorial video

How to recreate Harley Quinn’s makeup

Follow our step-by-step tutorial for a few hours, and you’ll achieve the iconic Harley Quinn look, as portrayed by Margot Robbie.

Harley Quinn’s face

  1. To start the Harley Quinn makeup application, use a yellow sponge to create a base layer of foundation.
  2. Apply with a fluffy brush to ensure full coverage

Harley Quinn’s eyes and eyebrows

  1. Next, use an angled brush to create a sharp arch
  2. Use translucent powder all over to set your face
  3. Using your eyeshadow palette, apply a bright blue colour on your left eyelid and on the bottom lash line
  4. Draw two lines in blue coming from the outer corners of your eye
  5. Apply black eyeshadow in the crease of your left eye
  6. On your right eyelid, apply a bright red colour in the same as your left eye
  7. Draw three red lines coming from the outer corners of your right eye
  8. Blend it out again and apply black eyeshadow to the corners
  9. Apply mascara and/or fake eyelashes


  1. Line your lips with a bright red lip liner
  2. Then use red liquid lipstick on your lips

Final touches

  • On your right cheek, a few inches below the corner of your right eye, draw a small black heart with black face paint
  • Next, write the word ‘ROTTEN’ underneath the heart in black eyeliner


Once your Harley Quinn makeup is on point, it’s time to style your hair.

A messy, wild look is key to nailing her appearance and have of the best Halloween costumes there is.

  • Use a brush to create volume and texture, and if your hair isn’t naturally coloured like Harley’s, consider using temporary hair sprays in blue and pink shades to add fun and vibrant tones.
  • Using a platinum blonde wig, use a blue hair tie to pull up into a high ponytail on your right side, and a red hair tie for a high ponytail on your right side
  • Pull out two strands of hair to frame your face
  • If your wig is blonde, you can dye half the left ponytail in blue, and half of the right ponytail in red

Harley Quinn Halloween costumes

When it comes to Harley outfits, there a number of different options you can choose, depending on your own style preferences. Here’s two of our favourite:

Classic Harley Quinn look

Classic Harley Quinn adult Halloween costumes draw inspiration from her early comic book appearances and the acclaimed Suicide Squad movie.

It features a red and blue colour scheme, perfectly symbolizing her dual nature as the Joker’s twisted partner-in-crime.

The ensemble typically includes a playful and daring t-shirt plus leggings or shorts, representing Harley’s strong personality.

Optional extra touches

  • For the eye makeup, you’ll need white, black, lagoon blue and red berry face paints to complete the look.
  • To bring out the sparkle in your eyes, add glitter to the corner of each eye.
  • Make sure to blend it well, so it doesn’t come into contact with your eyes directly.
  • Underneath each eye, create blue and red diamond shapes with some cream face paint.
  • For the final touches, add a generous coat of mascara to your eyelashes and use red lipstick to curl your lips into a mischievous smile, just like Harley Quinn herself.

Before you decide to apply the lashes, remember to take good care of your skin (on another note if you are ever using liquid latex then here are some excellent tips for using liquid latex on your skin).

Opt for a gentle eyeshadow remover to clean off any makeup from the area around your eyes.

By following this Harley Quinn makeup tutorial, you’ll surely turn heads and receive tons of compliments at any costume party, Halloween event, or any other occasion where you can let your playful side shine!

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Get ready for so much fun with your stunning Harley Quinn transformation!

Frequently asked questions

Why does Harley Quinn have so many different looks?

This is a great question!

The history of this character is a colourful one. As most people know, she was originally created as a character in a comic called ‘The Batman Adventures: Mad Love.’ Her outfit was in the style of a jester, with a black and red colour theme.

Then in 2000, she took her place on her own comic book in her solo debut. Her look remained in the iconic jester style of red and black.

In the 2002 movie Birds of Prey, she is portrayed by the actor Mia Sara, and though she wears some red/ pink and black clothes, she doesn’t wear a costume, and her character is relatively sedate.

Next, in 2004, an animated series called The Batman was released and Harley Quinn featured in her original black and red jester outfit, although with a more menacing and skeletal appearance.

The game Batman: Arkham Asylum was released in 2009 and featured a completely reimagined Harley Quinn. In this look, she had a tightly fitting red corset with a low-cut white short, a short white skirt, thigh-high red and purple boots, and her now-iconic high up pigtails on either side of her head.

In 2011, DC Comics relaunched the Suicide Squad comics and featured an even less-clothed Harley with an ill-fitting black and red corset and tiny red hotpants.

Harley’s backstory as a psychiatric intern is explored in 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, where she appears in ordinary clothing.

The 2015 game Batman: Arkham Knight features her sporting a slightly different look. She now holds her statement baseball bat over her shoulder, has black and red legging with a diamond patter and the designers gave her a black studded leather dress.

In possibly the most famous adaption of the Harley Quinn character, the 2015 movie Suicide Squad starring Margot Robbie showcased a character with bright blonde hair in high piglets, dip-dyed on either side (one pink and one blue), a blue and red blazer and a ripped t-shirt with ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ printed on the front. She wore tight blue and red hotpants, fishnet tights and a black studded belt. She had lots of tattoos on her legs and a heart on her face.

This history of her evolving look means that there’s multiple options for your own inspired Harley Quinn costume. What version of Harley do you want to embody?

What colour is Harley Quinn’s eyeshadow?

Harley Quinn’s eyeshadow is typically blue on her left eyelid and red on her right eyelid. This is darkened by black eyeshadow in the creases of each lid.

Her signature makeup look includes both bright and dark and smudged eyeshadow around her eyes, which adds to her edgy and mischievous appearance.

Is Harley Quinn’s makeup pink or red?

Harley Quinn’s makeup includes both pink and red elements.

She is often seen with red lips, which contribute to her striking and bold look.

Additionally, her eye makeup features smudged black eyeliner paired with red/ pink and blue accents, reflecting her playful and eccentric personality.

Does Harley Quinn wear eyeliner?

Yes, Harley Quinn wears black eyeliner as a part of her signature look.

The black eyeliner is applied in a smudged and messy style.

The dramatic eye makeup complements her overall aesthetic and adds to her unique character design.

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