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Halloween Masks Guide

Choosing from our amazing Fun Place collection of Halloween masks is a fun, yet oh so important, Halloween decision that will ensure your completion of your favourite Halloween costumes will be just right.

Here are ten points from our Halloween team at FunPlace.ie to consider when selecting for our superb collection of ready-to-ship Halloween masks:

  1. Theme and Halloween Costume Compatibility: Select a Halloween mask (or one of our scary halloween masks) that complements your Halloween costume theme. Ensure that the Halloween masks style aligns with the character or concept you’re portraying.

  2. Halloween Night Comfort: Opt for a halloween mask that’s comfortable to wear (particularly it your using any liquid latex). Consider factors like fit, padding, and materials that won’t cause discomfort during your halloween night.

  3. Breathability: Halloween Masks can sometimes restrict airflow so make sure to choose a good mask with proper ventilation to prevent any discomfort. We want you to be super comfortable so you have the best Halloween night you can.

  4. Visibility: Ensure your choice of Halloween mask offers adequate visibility. At FunPlace.ie our Halloween masks have openings / mesh areas around the eyes that should allow you to see clearly but everyone’s face is different so make sure.

  5. Durability: Halloween masks can vary in quality. Invest in a mask that’s well-made and durable, especially if you plan to reuse it for multiple Halloween costumes or on other fun fancy dress occasions.

  6. Size: Pay attention to the mask’s size. It should fit your head comfortably without being too tight or too loose.

  7. Authenticity: If you’re aiming for a specific character or look (for example something a Game of Thrones mask), choose a mask that captures the essence of that character’s features, expressions, and details.

  8. Materials: Different masks are made from various materials, such as latex, rubber, foam, or fabric. Consider the texture, weight, and authenticity of the material for your chosen Halloween costume.

  9. Ease of Use: Some Halloween masks require complicated fitting or assembly, while others can be easily worn. Choose a Halloween mask that you can put on and adjust without hassle.

  10. Budget: Set a budget for your Halloween costume, including your Halloween mask. There’s a wide price range, so find a Halloween mask that meets your quality expectations without breaking the bank.

  11. Customising Your Mask: If you’re feeling creative, choose a mask that you can customise with paint, additional decorations, or even liquid latex modifications to make it uniquely yours.
  12. Safety: Ensure your Halloween mask doesn’t obstruct your vision or hearing, and that it doesn’t have any small parts that could be a choking hazard, especially if children are involved. It’s important to always be safe at Halloween so you can enjoy a fun night.

Remember, perfect Halloween masks enhance your Halloween costume and contributes to the overall experience, so take your time to find the right mask that fits both your appearance and comfort preferences.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourites below but make sure and check out our Halloween shop also for lots of masks, liquid latex, halloween costumes, fancy dress and more!

Embroidered Lace Filigree Eyemask

Embroidered Lace Filigree Eyemask

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