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Sexy Halloween costume ideas for 2023

As Halloween approaches, you might be wondering, do Halloween costumes have to be scary? 

Fear not, for we’re here to guide you through a cauldron of options that embrace both the spooky and seductive sides of the Halloween season. 

Whether you’re searching for sexy costume ideas or contemplating where to buy scary Halloween outfits, we’ve got you covered.

Before we start, we want to point out that we believe all genders can enjoy scary and sexy costumes.

We’ve laughed along at the ‘unnecessarily sexy Halloween costumes’ articles that have rightfully pointed out how female costumes are often reduced to bizarre takes on costumes (sexy crayons? anyone?)

Our sexy + scary costume guide contains balanced ideas for everyone to enjoy! Now you’ve got the outfit sorted, you can RSVP to all your costume parties!

Table of contents

Top sexy Halloween costume ideas

From seductive warriors to enchanting mythical creatures, each costume promises to add a dash of allure to your Halloween celebration. Explore the art of tasteful and stylish allure with our handpicked suggestions, ensuring one night of both sophistication and spookiness.

Discover the perfect blend of sultry and spooky as you dive into our captivating array of sexy Halloween costume inspiration.

  1. Space superstar costume

Embody Ziggy Stardust in our space superstar costume. This space-age ensemble, featuring a red & blue striped jumpsuit, golden shoulders, and lightning bolt belt, honours Bowie’s iconic style. Complete with backcombed red wig and bold makeup for a sexy Halloween 70s allure. Use a bright eye palette to complete the look with glowing eyes.

  1. Vintage gangster boss costume:

Become the Mafia king or queen in our vintage gangster boss costume! Complete with jacket, tie, waistcoat, mock shirt, and trousers, embrace the allure of a suave and sexy gangster at your Halloween affair. Consider adding some peaked hats for a version of a Peaky Blinder costume. Sexy gangster costumes, anyone?

  1. 80s Hammer Time Costume:

Turn up the nostalgia with the 80s Hammer Time costume. This throwback ensemble mixes retro vibes with a dash of sexy edge, capturing the era’s boldness and giving you a standout look for Halloween.

  1. Fever Flirty French Maid Costume:

Embrace playful seduction as the fever flirty French maid. This black costume combines elegance with allure, invoking classic charm while adding a touch of intrigue to your Halloween festivities.

  1. Aerobics Instructor Costume:

Get ready to sweat and slay in the aerobics instructor costume. With vibrant hues, form-fitting attire, and undeniable confidence, you’ll energise any Halloween event while exuding a sexy and empowering aura.

  1. Deluxe Evil Madame Kit:

Unleash your dark side with the deluxe evil madame kit. This Cruella-style black-and-white ensemble oozes sophistication and sexiness, transforming you into a captivatingly wicked presence at any Halloween soirée.

  1. Roman Warrior Costume:

Command attention and admiration as a fierce Roman warrior. This costume marries strength with allure, combining ancient aesthetics and empowering allure to make you a powerful and sexy Halloween icon.

Best scary Halloween costume ideas

If you want spooky vibes and creepy outfits, check this out. Find a bunch of scary costumes that can turn you into the scary characters you’ve been thinking about. 

We’ve got everything from famous horror characters to cool designs that’ll give you chills.

  1. Ghost ship ghoul costume deluxe

This deluxe costume transforms you into a spectral mariner, conjuring eerie pirate tales. Tattered garments and haunting accessories create a ghostly seafarer appearance, evoking a sense of lost souls adrift on a haunted vessel. Or you know, just another Viking tour down the Liffey.

Pro tip:

halloween costume of a grey tattered pirate outfit
  1. Ken cowboy costume

Inspired by the popularity of the Barbie movie this year, this costume reflects the charm of Barbie’s best guy friend. The black fringed shirt with floral embroidered design and pink neck bandana embrace the camp spirit of the character, embodying a whimsical yet scary allure!

  1. Party starter costume blue

Perhaps not the most conventionally scary costume, there is nonetheless something really unsettling about this 90s raver outfit. Is it the wig? The eye paint? The American flag? There’s something definitely spooky about this, but there’s lots of opportunities to put your own spin on it.

  1. Airways attendant costume

We’re sorry, your flight has been delayed by 11 hours! But we won’t tell you that, we’ll keep saying that it’s in 20 minutes. Oh, did you want to have a seat by the window? That costs extra! Also the middle and aisle seats costs extra too. But we’re still a super cheap airline. Could there be any costume more terrifying than airline attendant costume? Evoke nightmares amongst your friends with images of lost luggage, tightly packed seats and constantly delayed flights.

air hostess halloween costume
  1. Satin ruffle shirt and groovy flares 
  • Satin ruffle shirt: Embrace the horror of fashion faux pas with our Satin Ruffle Shirt – a sartorial nightmare that’s scarily terrible in all the wrong ways. The ruffles? Excessive. The satin? Shiny enough to blind. This shirt isn’t just a garment; it’s a haunting reminder that not all trends should see the light of day. Wear it to your Halloween party, and you’ll give everyone a good scream – of disbelief. Love it!
  • Groovy flares: Get ready to unleash the terror of questionable fashion taste with our Groovy Flares. These pants are a throwback to a time when bell-bottoms ruled the earth, and they’re here to remind you that not all trends deserve a revival. The oversized flares? They’ll trip you up in more ways than one. These pants are so scary, they’ll make the spirits hide in fear. Wear them for a truly horrifying blast from the past this Halloween.
  1. Borat mankini lime green

If you choose the Borat Mankini costume, please understand that there is literally no more terrifying costume. This lime green catastrophe will have you questioning the very fabric of reality – and your wardrobe choices. With straps in all the wrong places and an audacity that’s scarier than any ghost, this costume is the ultimate testament to the terrors of questionable taste. You won’t know the true meaning of horror until you attend a Halloween party in this costume. 

What about scary-sexy Halloween costumes?

Having explored both scary and sexy options, we realised there’s a third option: scary sexy! 

Also known as ‘sexy creepy,’ it’s possible to combine the best of both worlds. Also known as ‘spooky sexy,’ and ‘scary hot’ there are lots of potential ideas, especially if you’re creative.

Perhaps they might be a bit too out there for the majority of partygoers, but if you’re thinking about a unique Halloween costume, there’s lot of opportunity to shock and awe your friends.

Here’s some of our top choices:

  1. Fever skeleton bodysuit

Unleash your inner seductress with the fever skeleton bodysuit. This alluring piece features intricate skeletal detailing on a sleek black bodysuit. Perfect for a sexy October 31st transformation that’s sure to captivate!

skeleton bodysuit halloween costume
  1. 80s punk kit

Get rebelliously sexy in our 80s punk kit outfit. With edgy elements like ripped fishnet gloves, studded choker, and wild neon accessories, this ensemble captures the punk spirit for a fierce and unforgettable Halloween look. Go for more skeletal or gory makeup with some liquid latex effects to really stand out.

  1. Realistic 70s hairy chest

Is it scary? Absolutely. Is it sexy? Kinda! This attention-grabbing accessory, complete with lifelike hair, is a playful way to add a touch of 70s flair and sexy humour to your Halloween attire.

4. Hard rocker kit

Dive into the world of hard rock with our hard rocker kit. Ideal for those who dream of 80s or 90s Rocker glory, this set features a blonde wig (complete with a “totally rad” and terrifyingly unfashionable beaded braid), a stick-on goatee (because nothing says suave like faux blonde facial hair), a black bandanna, and dark glasses (perfect for hiding last night’s rockstar escapades)

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy sexy Halloween costumes

Wondering where to find the perfect sexy costume? 

Fun Place has the best Halloween costume collections to help you embrace the essence of the season, in whichever way speaks to you.

At Fun Place, we’re not just offering costumes; we’re providing a gateway to the world of Halloween fashion where you can explore the spectrum of spooky and sensual, creating a Halloween look that’s uniquely yours. 

Browse through our Halloween outfits, creepy Halloween masks, wigs and Halloween makeup products (including fake blood, liquid latex and face paint in all colours) to get ready in time for the 31st of October.

How to find your ideal sexy Halloween costume

Discover your perfect sultry Halloween ensemble by exploring our online costume shop, browsing themed collections, and considering your favourite characters or eras.

Combine elements like bold makeup, accessories (e.g., bunny ears, cat ears, devil horns) and daring clothing choices (e.g., a crop top, slip dress, mini skirt or denim shorts) to craft your ideal sexy look.

Have a look through your wardrobe and see what you’ve got. Maybe that old red dress could be fashioned into a little red riding hood cape? Or that black dress into a black swan outfit?

Whether you’re inclined toward the macabre or the mesmerising, our range of scary and sexy Halloween fancy dress has something for everyone to express yourself and wow your friends!

What are some sexy accessories for a Halloween outfit?

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your Halloween ensemble, your accessories will of course depend on your overall look or theme.

For example, pairing rabbit ears with a tantalising maxi dress can infuse a playful charm into your costume, while cat ears lend an air of mystery and sensuality.

To embrace your inner temptress, devil horns can be the perfect choice, exuding a hint of wickedness.

If you’re going for a more casual style, combining short shorts with a themed top and some jewellery can strike the right balance between sexy and fun.

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