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Top 10 Hen Party Ideas

Planning something for your gal and stuck for ideas? Don’t worry – we’ve put together the top 10 best hen party activities! Here’s a list of all the fun things you can do for your bestie’s hen party before her special day!

1. Festivals

Let’s be honest, we Irish love a music festival! No matter the weather, we get dressed up in our finest of festival gear, rucksack packed, festival timetable printed, Monday taken off work – oh Happy days!

What to wear to a festival hen party?

What better way is there to celebrate a Hen party than going to a music festival with your besties! You’ll be planning your costumes and outfits for weeks before and we’d love to help you with that. We have been busy trend forecasting and sourcing the finest original festival gear for all you besties out there. From Wigs, festival jackets & cat suits to bucket hats, face paint and festival glitter, our festival section is big and only getting bigger!

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2. Races

The excitement of the races – getting dressed in your finest, hats and all! Champagne in hand and having a flutter. No wonder a bunch of hens love this activity! So why not have a bit of fun with it while you’re at it?

What to wear to a hen party at the races?

What about donning some matching fun hats or even dressing up in a 1920’s Gatsby attire

3. Wine tasting

What bunch of ladies wouldn’t be happy spending a day out tasting wines! Such classy ladies need classy attire! We understand you ladies like it to be known that you are celebrating the bride to be. So be gone Willy straws and say hello to some classy hen props!

What to wear to a hen party when wine tasting?

Yes there is such a thing as classy hen props! Rose gold Balloons, Pretty sashes and Bride to be hair bands. It is possible to look classy at a hen!

4. Burlesque dance class

Bring out your risque side by having a go at the art of Burlesque. This expressive teasing art form will have all you ladies feeling confident and sexy before the day is out. But you know you’ll have to look the part to really feel good, and guess what.. We can help you there!

What to wear to a burlesque dance class hen party?

From Boas to Eye Masks and even Tassels, we have got it all for you to feel amazing during your dance. Why not take a look at our exclusive range of hosiery from vintage-inspired stockings with seams running up the back and cute hold-ups with thigh garters.

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5. Afternoon Tea party

There’s no doubt about it, if you ladies have chosen an afternoon of sipping tea and eating cucumber sandwiches, we think you have to go vintage!

What to wear to a hen party tea party?

We’re thinking 50’s style Tea dresses with seamed tights,  scarves and driving gloves. This super cute look will be quite the thing for a vintage hen party.

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6. Treasure hunt

So if you’re the outdoorsy kinda group, a fun treasure hunt is the way to go. But have you thought about how you gals can stand out, as a team together?

What to wear to a treasure hunt hen party?

T-Shirts with your team name or even the bride-to-be’s face on them! You could even have some personalised balloons to add an extra ‘pop’ to the day!

7. Murder Mystery

When we hear Murder Mystery we can see all you ladies gathered together figuring out who killed who! But what goes more hand in hand with a murder mystery weekend then some 1920’s style costume!

What to wear to to a murder mystery hen party?

We’re thinking Flapper dresses, Boas, Wigs, Pearls, Headwear & Hosiery. There’s no doubt you’ll fit into character when you’re dressed for the part!

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8. Cocktail making classes

What’s better than getting a chance to mix your favourite cocktails? Drinking them of course! And now you can do both with this super fun activity. But first, you need to get in character!

What to wear to a hen party cocktail making class?

We’re thinking 80’s nostalgia like Tom Cruise in Cocktail! Or why not dress as the pink ladies from Greece with bombers, winged glasses and scarves!

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9. Boat cruise

If sailing on the high seas or cruising along rivers is your thing you might as well do it in style!

What to wear to a hen party boat cruise? 

Why not look the part in our beautiful captain hats! You could even make an activity out of blinging up your own captain hat! Or maybe you’d like to go full on decked out in pirate attire, Hats, eyepatch, bustle… the lot!

10. Clubbing

If you’re the type of gals that love clubbing, you’ll know how important it is to get your look right for the night!

What to wear clubbing at a hen party

You could all go for a UV theme with face paint, light up lashes, and tinsel jackets and UV cat suits! Or you might like to bring out your inner Berlinner Berghain style with these Harnesses, Collars and Suits!

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So now that you’ve got a bunch of ideas for your upcoming hen party, it’s time to get shopping. Visit – the best place to shop for all your hen party needs or visit us at the Stephens Green Shopping Centre in Dublin!

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