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How to do sugar skull makeup video tutorial

Welcome to a journey of creativity and beauty as we dive into the captivating world of Dia de los Muertos sugar skull makeup. 

This art form, deeply rooted in Mexican culture, has become a symbol of remembrance and celebration. 

With its vibrant colours, intricate designs, and symbolic representation of deceased loved ones, sugar skull makeup has evolved into a stunning form of self-expression, especially during Halloween festivities. 

Sugar skull makeup tutorial video

Here’s our guide on how to paint a simple sugar skull step by step.

Sugar skull makeup products and tools you’ll need:

How to do Day of the Dead sugar skull makeup

Step 1: Prepare your skin

  • Start by applying makeup primer to your entire face using a foundation brush
  • This will create a smooth base for your sugar skull design

Step 2: Lay the foundation

  • Using a foundation brush, apply a white base to your whole face
  • This will serve as the canvas for your Dia de los Muertos sugar skull

Step 3: Frame the eyes

  • Outline your eye sockets with black eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, creating a distinct shape
  •  Fill in the eye sockets with black eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush for a hollowed look

Step 4: Highlight features

  • Using black eyeliner, draw a distinctive nose shape on your actual nose
  • Create vertical lines on your lips to mimic skeleton makeup for teeth
  • This is the core of your sugar skull design

Step 5: Decorate with details

  • With coloured face paint or eyeshadows in primary colours, decorate your forehead, cheeks, and areas around your eyes with intricate designs
  • Incorporate spider webs, bright flowers, and other elements inspired by Mexican culture

Step 6: Pop the colours

  • Enhance the vibrancy of your design by applying bright colours like purple face paint to certain areas
  • This adds depth and richness to your sugar skull makeup

Step 7: Bring out highlights

  • Using white face paint or a white eyeliner pencil, add highlights to certain parts of your design
  • Apply these on the brow bone and other raised areas to make them stand out

Step 8: Define with lines

  • With liquid eyeliner, trace the edges of the colourful designs to make them more defined
  • This step adds a professional touch to your sugar skull art

Step 9: Lips and finishing touches

  • Apply black face paint or black eyeliner to define your lips further
  • Add intricate designs around your mouth area, staying true to the sugar skull aesthetics
  • Use lash glue to attach colourful gems or sequins for an added touch of beauty

Step 10: Setting the masterpiece

  • Finish by lightly covering your entire creation with setting spray
  • This ensures your Halloween makeup stays intact throughout the celebration

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a stunning sugar skull makeup look that pays homage to Dia de los Muertos and brings out the artistic beauty of Mexican culture. 

Why is it called ‘sugar skull’?

The term “sugar skull” originates from the tradition of crafting skull-shaped candies, known as “calaveras de azúcar,” that are made from sugar during Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday honouring the deceased.

These intricately decorated edible skulls symbolise the celebration’s joyful perspective on death. 

Over time, the vibrant and ornate designs of these candies inspired the distinctive makeup style, known as sugar skull makeup, often worn during Dia de los Muertos and Halloween to commemorate loved ones.

To learn more about how edible sugar skulls are made, choose your favourite recipe to create some delicious traditional treats. 

What makeup should you use for the sugar skull look?

For a sugar skull look, use face paint, black eyeliner, and vibrant eyeshadows in primary colours. 

Apply a white foundation base to your entire face, then create intricate designs using colourful face paint. 

Define eye sockets with black eyeliner and eyeshadow. Highlight with white face paint and accentuate with liquid eyeliner. Incorporate symbolic elements like flowers and spider webs. 

This combination of makeup brings the traditional look to life.

We’ve included a helpful guide at the top of this post, but for our complete makeup collections, check out the following:

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