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Staff Party Ideas – What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Staff parties are back with a bang! Looking for some inspiration for your next staff party? Find out what’s hot and what’s not before you start planning!

Zoom Staff Parties – NOT ❌

I don’t know about you guys but zoom quizzes as staff parties give us the ICK!

Those forced hellos and awkward pauses while waiting for everyone to join, frozen facial expressions from others and constant technical difficulties… WE’RE SO OVER IT!

Real Staff Parties – HOT 🔥

Like letting the cows out of the barn in Spring, we are hopping and skipping at the thought of a real staff party, with your real staff! Don’t you just miss random chats in the ladies room, a bit of craic at the bar and what’s better than having a good old dance!

Let’s not forget a lot of people have changed jobs or even careers and moved to new companies during the pandemic so it’s quite possible they’ve only seen their work colleagues through a computer screen! The excitement of a real life staff party is contagious, and we’re here to spread the excitement 😉 

Lonely Staff – NOT ❌

Let’s be honest. Your poor staff workers have been looking at the four walls in their homes for the last 2 years, only choosing to get dressed if they have a zoom meeting on that day. Glancing at dirty dishes over their computer screen or soggy laundry hanging over a clothes horse. 

Themed Staff Parties – HOT 🔥

The first thing when planning your staff party is to decide on the theme. 

In our opinion, a themed event is the best event! Whether it’s a Hat & Wig party, a summer festival fun party or a 1920’s Gatsby themed party. The options keep going but once you decide on a theme, it will create a buzz that starts weeks before your staff party does – the question being: ‘What are you going to wear!’ Now you have them talking and getting excited about the big night out!

Gifting Staff – HOT 🔥

They deserve a gift, in fact no one deserves a gift more than them! If you’re thinking about what you could gift them, how about tying it in with that upcoming themed staff party! – HOT 🔥

We at know a fair bit about having the craic, in fact we’d go as far as saying we are the leading Craic suppliers in Ireland! We’ve been dressing up Dublin for over 40 years and now we’ve gone nationwide. 

Six Corporate Gifting and Party Solutions from

We’re always looking to share the fun and now offer corporate gifting and party solutions that are a great help to any themed staff party.

  • Gift a voucher

Gift a voucher to each of your staff for that upcoming themed staff party. They can buy whatever they want in store from our wide range of Costumes, Costume Kits, Accessories, Wigs and Make-up. We can even offer a one-time gift code per staff member for them to spend in-store or online!

  • Gift a party Kit

Our creative team will put together an awesome kit to give out to your staff prior to your staff party. For example a Pride Pack during Pride to the value of whatever you want it to be.

  • Order quantities of party accessories

Whether you need a large quantity of cowboy hats, clown bow ties or masquerade masks, we will order them in for you and get them delivered directly to your staff party. Don’t see what you’re looking for on our site? Get in touch with us as we will do our best to get it for you from our suppliers.

  • Order Balloon bouquets for parties

Our beautiful balloon bouquets make great party features and are a quick and easy solution for your staff party. They’ll change an office space into party central in seconds! Select from our large selection of helium balloons in the shop or get custom printed balloons with photos, logos or whatever you want on them. We will drop ship them straight to your staff party venue (within Dublin city) or you can pick them up in-store to bring yourself.

  • Get a group staff discount

Get in touch with us about your staff party and we will set up a discount code for you to share amongst your staff, offering a 10% discount to those going to that event.

  •  Pre order Halloween Props

We all know how quick Halloween sneaks up on us after summer! And who doesn’t love Halloween?! We have the best and scariest animatronic props available in Ireland so why not bring a bit of that Halloween spirit into your office and give your staff a bit of frightful fun this Halloween.

If you’d like to know more, get some ideas or just looking for a chat, get in touch with us at [email protected], we’re always here to help! 

20s Peacock Flapper Halloween Costume

20s Peacock Flapper Halloween Costume

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Baroque Fantasy Eyemask White

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