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How to do easy Halloween makeup

Getting ready for Halloween has never been simpler! 

Whether you’re a skilled makeup artist or just looking for Halloween makeup ideas, we’ve got you covered. 

No need for an extensive collection – with just a few products, you can create an impressive Halloween makeup look. 

From eerie face paint to dramatic fake blood effects, we’ll guide you through the process step by step. 

Our easy Halloween makeup tutorial is perfect for both beginners and those looking to elevate their skills. Whether you’re aiming for a classic Halloween makeup look or something unique, our tips will help you achieve a captivating transformation. 

Plus, we’ll show you how to enhance your look with the right lip gloss and incorporate standout elements like red lipstick.

Get ready to stun this Halloween with our easy Halloween makeup ideas to let your creativity shine.

Step-by-step zombie apocalypse makeup look

Get ready to unleash the eerie and captivating world of the undead with this step-by-step Zombie Apocalypse makeup tutorial. This look is more than just makeup; it’s a transformation that will send shivers down spines and create a buzz at this year’s Halloween party. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup artist or a beginner with a taste for the macabre, this tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a realistic zombie appearance that’s bound to stand out. From decaying wounds to blood effects and gnarly textures, every step has been meticulously designed to help you bring the undead to life. So, grab your tools and get ready to dive into the realm of the living dead.

1. Preparing the base:

Secure the grey Zombie Wig from Fun Place for an undead hair look that sets the tone.

2. Creating wounds and texture:

  • Use Liquid Latex Zombie 130ml to create realistic wounds and texture on your skin. 
  • Apply it in areas like cheeks, forehead, and neck for a decaying effect.

3. Adding blood detail:

  • Enhance the look with Stage Blood Bright Arterial 130ml by Mehron.
  • Apply it near wounds and edges for a fresh blood effect. 
  • Dab and smear to create realistic splatter.

4. Creating depth with 3-D gel:

  • Add depth to wounds with 3-D Gel
  • Apply and sculpt it onto the liquid latex areas for a gnarly, lifelike appearance.

5. Creepy teeth with tooth FX:

Use Tooth FX to transform teeth into decayed and menacing ones, adding to the eerie look.

6. Blood and gore:

  • For more blood effects, layer on Coagulated Blood Gel.
  •  Apply it around wounds and on clothing for a gruesome touch.

7. Blood-red body paint:

Cover exposed skin with Blood Red Body Paint for an overall undead appearance.

8. Zombie complexion:

Complete the look with a spray of Zombie Black Blood Spray for a dirtied and bruised appearance.

9. Enhance the eyes:

Apply dark eyeliner and smoky eyeshadow for a sunken, intense gaze.

10. Lips and finish:

Apply red or dark liquid lipstick to the lips for a striking, unsettling contrast. 

And now you’ve successfully mastered the art of the Zombie Apocalypse makeup look, transforming yourself into a creature from the underworld, ready to haunt the night of Halloween. The combination of realistic wounds, decaying textures, and hauntingly vivid blood effects has crafted a look that’s bound to be the talk of the party. Embrace the thrill of transformation, and let the zombie apocalypse begin!

Step-by-step vampire seductress makeup look

Welcome to a world of seductive mystique and alluring darkness with this step-by-step Vampire Seductress makeup tutorial. This bewitching transformation is one of our favourite Halloween makeup looks, and it’s no wonder why. Whether you’re new to makeup or an experienced artist, get ready to unleash your inner vampire and embrace the art of seduction.

1. Dramatic eyes:

  • Start by applying a smokey eye using Strong Black Body Paint
  • Blend dark eyeshadow to create depth
  • Line the eyes with a dark eyeliner for an intense look.

2. Bold lips:

  • Achieve bold lips with Creamblend Stick Red.
  • Create a sensual and alluring effect, capturing the essence of a vampire seductress.

3. Mesmerising gaze:

Accentuate your eyes further with Venice Corona Eye Mask for a mysterious allure.

4. Lush lashes:

Enhance your lashes with Fever Lashes Black Feather with Plume as these lashes add drama and intensity to your eyes.

5. Blood-kissed lips:

  • For a seductive touch, apply liquid lipstick like L-I-P Cream in a deep, alluring shade
  • The liquid texture adds an extra allure to your lips.

6. Alluring berry body paint:

  • Create an enchanting look with Red Berry Body Paint
  • Apply it to exposed skin to evoke a sense of both elegance and seduction.

7. Intense colour accents:

Highlight your lips with a shade of red eyeshadow for a bold, eye-catching contrast.

8. Delicate details:

Accessorise with Temptress Gloves Red, adding a touch of elegance to your vampire look.

9. Captivating colour flexibility:

Utilise Hex Flex Red, a water-based paint, to highlight specific areas. Its flexibility and durability ensure a captivating appearance throughout the night.

10. Final flourish:

Seal the look with this long, black curly wig to complete your captivating vampire seductress makeup look.

As you seal this transformation with the final flourish, you’ve fully embraced the persona of a vampire seductress, ready to leave a lasting impression wherever you go. So go ahead, embrace your newfound powers of seduction and mystery, and make this Halloween one to remember. 

Step-by-step witchy makeup look

Enter the realm of enchantment and mystery with our comprehensive witchy makeup look tutorial. Loved by makeup artists of all skill levels, this tutorial is your gateway to creating a bewitching transformation that’s perfect for Halloween or any occasion that calls for a touch of dark magic. 

Among the myriad witch makeup looks out there, this guide will help you conjure the perfect blend of spook and seduction, allowing you to tap into your inner sorceress.

1. Base and hair:

2. Mysterious eyes:

Embrace a smoky eye with eyeliner, enhancing the allure with black eye pencil for intensified definition.

3. Intense green accents:

Incorporate green face paint like Paradise Makeup AQ Brillant Vert Bouteille to evoke an otherworldly aura.

4. Bewitching palette:

Experiment with the Cameleon Witch Palette to accentuate your eyes with deep and bewitching shades.

5. Dramatic lines:

Add drama to your eyes with false lashes, creating captivating lines that match the mystique.

6. Makeup for your lips:

Opt for a bold and dark lip with black lipstick, enhancing the overall allure of your witchy look.

7. Smoky elegance:

Enhance the smoky eye further, ensuring a hint of mystery with dark eyeliner.

8. Ghoulish charm:

Introduce Halloween makeup elements for a perfect blend of spook and charm.

9. Magical holographic touch:

Add a touch of allure with Moon Glitter Holographic Chunky, embracing an ethereal and magical vibe.

10. Tooth blackout:

Enhance the mystical feel by using Tooth Blackout, creating an eerie appearance.

11. Elegance in blood:

Complete the look by integrating Stage Blood Bright Arterial 130ml Mehron for an elegantly eerie touch.

12. Final look:

Combine all elements for a captivating witchy makeup look that embodies dark enchantment, ready for any mystical endeavour.

From the flawless base to the mesmerising smoky eyes and bewitching lips, every step has been meticulously designed to help you tap into your inner sorceress. Let your witchy side shine! 

Whether it’s Halloween or any day you want to channel your inner sorceress, this look is yours to command.

Step-by-step glamorous catwoman makeup look

Unveil the allure of the night and embrace your inner feline with our glamorous catwoman makeup look tutorial.

 From the captivating smoky eyes that draw them in to the bold red lips that leave an indelible mark, this guide will lead you through the steps of becoming the embodiment of a sleek and alluring catwoman. 

1. Bold costume choice:

Start with the Disco Catsuit for an alluring costume that exudes confidence.

2. Smoky eyes:

Create captivating eyes with a smoky eye effect using a black eyeliner for depth and intensity.

3. Cat ears:

Accentuate your look with Glitter Cat Ear Headband for a touch of feline elegance.

4. Flawless complexion:

Achieve a flawless complexion using Moon Creations Pro Face Paint Cake, setting the stage for your catwoman transformation.

5. Cat-eye flick:

Master the art of the cat-eye flick using a liquid liner for a sleek and seductive gaze.

6. Intense lashes:

Enhance your eyes with black and gold lashes, adding volume and glamour to your look.

7. Statement lips:

Opt for bold red lips with L-I-P Cream to bring out the captivating charm of a glamorous catwoman.

8. Expressive appliance:

Apply this Cat Face Woochie Latex Appliance to enhance the feline features, creating an enticing and mysterious allure.

9. Adding drama:

Use the Creamblend Stick for strategic contouring, adding depth and dimension to your transformation.

Your smoky eyes, bold lips, and captivating accessories have combined to create a look that’s bound to make a statement wherever you go. Let your inner catwoman shine, and let your beauty captivate all who cross your path this Halloween. Meow!

Step-by-step creepy doll makeup look

As the spooky season approaches, it’s time to embrace the eerie charm of the creepy doll makeup look. 

With its hauntingly captivating presence, this transformation is tailor-made for debuting during Halloween or any occasion when you want to channel a uniquely unsettling vibe.

1. Flawless base:

Start with a porcelain skin base using this Paradise Makeup AQ pot for a doll-like complexion.

2. Subtle contour:

Enhance facial features with soft shading using the Hex Flex Metallic White Gold water-based paint, adding depth to your doll-like appearance.

3. Rosy cheeks:

Apply a touch of blush using this Neon Palette, evoking a doll’s rosy complexion.

4. Enchanting eyes:

Create wide, doll-like eyes with this Liquid makeup with a makeup brush to add precise details, emphasising the doll-like features. Use a Mini Sponge for subtle highlights and shimmer

5. Large lashes:

Enhance your eyes with false lashes, using eyelash glue to ensure they stay in place.

6. Supernatural details:

Highlight certain areas of your face and/ or neck, using the Hex Flex Metallic White Gold paint for a touch of supernatural energy

7. Full transformation:

Combine all elements to create a captivating doll makeup look. Your porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, and enchanting eyes will evoke a hauntingly beautiful doll presence. Cute, but creepy!

With this look, you will command a hauntingly beautiful doll presence that’s bound to captivate the eyes and imagination of onlookers.

Embrace your inner doll, let your cuteness intertwine with your creepiness, and make your presence felt in the world of the uncanny and captivating!

Step-by-step sexy mermaid makeup look

Dive into the world of enchantment and beauty with our step-by-step sexy mermaid makeup look tutorial. 

This transformation allows you to embody the ethereal allure of the ocean’s depths, creating an enchanting and captivating appearance that’s perfect for special events or occasions when you want to radiate an otherworldly charm. 

1. Sea-inspired base:

Start by donning the Sexy Mermaid Costume to set the enchanting tone.

2. Shimmery eyes:

Apply shimmery eyeshadow from the One-Stroke Palette Wowfactor, using sea-inspired colours that capture the essence of the ocean.

3. Mysterious aura:

Enhance the allure with the Dark Mermaid Kit for a touch of mystery and depth.

4. Lustrous locks:

Don the Siren Wig to complete the mermaid transformation, adding a layer of elegance to the look.

5. Enchanting headband:

Embrace the White Mermaid Pearl Headband for an ethereal accessory that complements your sea-inspired appearance.

6. Jewel adornments:

Accentuate your features with the Make-Up FX Pastel Jewel Face Gems, adding an extra layer of allure.

7. Shimmering elements:

Enhance the look further with Moon Glitter, creating a mesmerising effect that evokes the sparkle of the sea.

8. Ethereal body art:

Incorporate this bright blue body paint to add sea-inspired designs and accents to your skin.

As you combine all elements, your transformation is complete – an embodiment of the ocean’s mysteries and the mermaid’s enchantment.

Step-by-step sugar skull makeup look

Welcome to a journey of creativity and beauty as we dive into the captivating world of Dia de los Muertos sugar skull makeup. 

This art form, deeply rooted in Mexican culture, has become a symbol of remembrance and celebration. 

With its vibrant colours, intricate designs, and symbolic representation of deceased loved ones, sugar skull makeup has evolved into a stunning form of self-expression, especially during Halloween festivities. 

Watch this video for our guide on how to paint a simple sugar skull step by step:

Or, you can visit our blog post dedicated to the sugar skull look for an in-depth step-by-step guide! 

Frequently asked questions

What products should I use for Halloween makeup?

When it comes to achieving your desired Halloween look, Fun Place offers a diverse range of products to fulfil all your makeup needs. 

Prepare for the Halloween season with confidence by stocking up on essentials that cater to both basic Halloween makeup ideas and elaborate scary Halloween makeup transformations. 

Our collection includes everything you need, from makeup bags to keep your products organised, to specialised tools and paints that allow you to unleash your creativity. 

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a beginner, we have the right products to help you bring your spooky visions to life. 

Explore our extensive selection and embark on a journey of self-expression this Halloween, as you curate your makeup bag with the perfect tools for the ultimate Halloween transformation.

How to do horror makeup at home

Follow this guide step by step to create your own creepy Halloween makeup look, showcasing your skills and embracing the spirit of the season.

  1. Inspiration and research: Start by gathering inspiration from creepy Halloween makeup ideas online. Look for images that match your desired look and take note of the key elements.
  2. Preparation: Collect the necessary makeup products and tools, including face paints, black eyeliner, red lipstick, and makeup brushes. Ensure you have a makeup bag to keep everything organised.
  3. Base and foundation: Apply a pale foundation or face paint to create a ghostly, eerie base for your look. Blend well for a seamless finish.
  4. Dark eyes: Use black eyeliner to create hollowed eye sockets or dark, sunken eyes. Extend the lines for an unsettling effect. Smudge slightly for a smoky, ominous appearance.
  5. Creepy details: Add details like cracks, scars, or stitches using black eyeliner. These small touches contribute to the overall creepy vibe.
  6. Blood and gore: Apply fake blood strategically using a brush or your fingers. Use red lipstick for fresh blood effects and darker shades for dried, old blood. Don’t be afraid to get creative with placement.
  7. Lip accent: Enhance the creepy factor with a bold application of red lipstick, creating an eerie contrast against the pale base.
  8. Finishing touches: To complete your creepy Halloween makeup, consider adding unsettling elements like dark eyeshadow around the eyes for depth, and perhaps a touch of liner around the lips. Set your makeup with translucent powder for longevity throughout the spooky season.

And there you have it – a collection of enchanting transformations that will set the stage for a Halloween party filled with creativity, allure, and a touch of the uncanny. From the undead allure of the Zombie Apocalypse look to the captivating mystique of the witch, each tutorial has guided you through the process of becoming a character that’s both captivating and haunting.

The allure of the glamorous Catwoman brings a touch of feline elegance to the mix, while the Creepy Doll adds an eerie charm that’s perfect for embracing the spirit of spooky season. And of course, the Sexy Mermaid takes you deep into the ocean’s depths, allowing you to radiate an ethereal beauty that’s as enchanting as the waves themselves.

These step-by-step guides have unlocked the world of transformation, offering insights for both beginners and experienced makeup enthusiasts. With every brushstroke and application of makeup, you’ve woven a tale of mystery, allure, and undeniable creativity.

So as the Halloween season approaches, whether you’re attending parties, embracing the spirit of trick-or-treating, or simply wanting to elevate your everyday makeup routine, these tutorials are your go-to companions. Embrace the art of transformation, let your imagination run wild, and let your makeup become a canvas for your innermost fantasies and desires.

The world of makeup is your playground – it’s time to bring your visions to life, captivate those around you, and embark on a journey of self-expression and enchantment. With these tutorials at your disposal, the possibilities are endless, and the Halloween season is yours to command. Happy transforming!

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