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Top Five Stag Party Ideas and How to Dress for Them

Did you know that the collective noun for Stag is Bunch or Mob? We think that’s quite fitting really!

We’ve compiled a list of the top five Stag party ideas for all of you planning a big day or weekend away with the lads.

1. Football Match & Weekend Away Boozing

You know this is going to be the best weekend of your life! Heading off with the lads. Craic, Pints and Football. Get your first Pint in before that Ryanair red eye in terminal 1.

Sure what else do you need!

Well how about some costume ideas that fit into a small carry on!

We’re thinking Mankinis, Masks, Mullet wigs & Moustaches, simple yet effective to help you lads stand out from the crowd! Or if you decide to go somewhere in Ireland, why not collectively go in matching suits or army gear. Or how about making a show of the stag himself. We have a wonderful selection of costumes like the Banana costume, Borat mankini or our infamous Piggyback Mickey D!

2. Adventure Activities: Zipline, Rafting, Zorbing, Paintball, Airsoft, Go-Karting

If you are the more adventurous bunch you’ll be looking for an activity to do before you start the hard partying. What a great way to get to know some of your fellow teammates by seeing how well you work together as a team. 

From Ziplining to Airsoft to Go Karting, there are many fun outdoor activities for you to choose from. 

So let us help you with a bit of planning here!

If you are planning to be a team, you have to dress as a team!

We’re thinking Squid game costumes, Escaped prisoner or even Zombie costumes for you all! Or check out our range of 80’s attire, Mexican or even Top Gun to really look the part.

3. Road trip camping, surfing or cruising

Getting out in the open air is a wonderful idea for a stag party. Whether you’re setting up camp with tents & log fires, sleeping in a minivan and getting up for those sunrise surf swims or cruising along the Shannon waterways in a barge or cruiser. You’ll have the wind in your hair and the sun on your face (hopefully!)

We think you need to add a bit of costuming into the mix!

Or maybe you’ll leave it up to the stag to dress for the occasion! From full sailor suits to Gorilla costumes, you decide his fate!

4. Golfing, Horse racing or Casino

For such a classy activity we think you stags need a classy outfit. Check out our range of stand out suits which do exactly what they say on the tin. Picture it, you can all still have your individual look but still be singing off the same hymn sheet if you all decide on one of these gorgeous suits!

Or you could go for a Gatsby themed night at the Casino in these 1920’s style looks.

Alternatively, you might decide on embarrassing the stag by making him stand out in his own way! How about this inflatable dinosaur on the golf course! Or a horse head at the races! We have plenty of choices for you to go as classy or funny as you like!

5. Festivals or Clubbing

So if music and dancing is your scene you’re bound to pick a stag activity that includes festivals and clubbing.

And lucky for you we have tons of costumes and accessories for you to choose from. 

We have festival style Stand Out Suits in tropical colours and we even have a shorts version for those summer months! 

We have bucket hats, wigs, moustaches and masks for some throw on fun. Or if you want the stag to stand out, how about putting him in this inflatable dinosaur!

So whatever it is you decide to do, we hope our ideas help you along the way. For other ideas on what to dress up as, check out these below: